Travel & Transportation

Chatbot - the perfect vehicle for getaways. Consumers can do planning, riding, booking, servicing with a chatbot.

Sector Overview

Thanks to the rise of traveling and transporting aggregators in the past decade, consumers have been given more opportunities to do price comparing, itinerary planning, availability checking etc. all at the tip of their mouse clicks.

Nowadays, along with the rise of AI and chatbot, all of those features can be made available to the customers at the tips of their fingers. While pilotless airplanes or AI-powered self-serving hotels may sound too futuristic, Travel chatbots on the other hand are very much possible.

BotStar Platform does come with templates to make building travel chatbot much easier and relevant.

It's rewarding and fun to create chatbots with BotStar. Our powerful visual editor enables everyone in your team to work together and have mutual understandings. 

Why Chatbot?
  • Most millennials who travel often, prefer texting than talking
  • Reduce customer response time by 60%
  • Reduce operational support costs by 70%
  • Always on engagement with the customers
  • Ease of use for customers with an interface on a smartphone they are already familiar with
  • Timely no-cost notifications of transaction status and account changes
  • Special promotions and sales pushes
  • User acquisition rates uptrend
  • Enhanced analytics on customer acquired data
  • Quick setup and minimal integration
  • Interactions at customers convenience and speed
  • Improved CSAT score
Common features
Frequently asked questions & answers
Hotline switchboard
Screening and redirecting users to the right staff
Online payment through conversational interface
Customer Feedback
Collect user feedbacks instantly
Users can look up accommodations and share with friends over chat easily
Traveling Education
Educative information about Landmarks and cultures
Route Planning
Users can plan their travel routes either by planes, buses, ships and cars
Customers can make booking and get confirmation via chat
Itinerary Planning and Tracking
Users can plan and share their itinerary easily over chat
Alerts and Updates
Users can be notified of natural disasters, incidents or trip updates
Event & Trip Diary
Users can use chat medium as a place to quickly jot down their experiences or share pictures

for Business

  • Saving time/process automation
  • Retain loyal users without fighting noise on listing websites against competitors
  • Digital payments
  • Saved user history
  • 365*24*7 Availability
  • Improve the User Experience
  • Smart Communication
  • Save your customer service cost with affordable way to reach to a large audience
  • Cut down cost related to SMS, Email services

for Customers

  • 365*24*7 Availability
  • Saving time/process automation
  • Access to services conveniently via chat application
  • Receive alerts and updates through chat application

For Enterprise or Custom Build Chatbot

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