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Bots will give fans the sense of being part of a conversation with a fellow supporter of their favorite team

Sector Overview

With the rapid development of technology, including sport technology, brands and consumers are provided with more avenues to consume and engage with each other and with different kinds of content. 

Previously, sport contents, though abundant and diverse, are not customized depending on fans’ personal preference. Instead of capturing what fans are interested in and conveying corresponding information to engage fans, brands tend to only “do the talking”, and neglect “the listening”. With the help of Chatbots, brands can finally engage fans in more personal conversations and distribute more relevant contents to them. While fans would be more satisfied, staff efficiency, and eventually costs, would be highly improved. 

It's rewarding and fun to create chatbots with BotStar. Our powerful visual editor enables everyone in your team to work together and have mutual understandings. 

Why Chatbot?
  • Increase engagement between the sport entities and the fans
  • Ease of use for fans with an interface on a smartphone they are already familiar with
  • Timely no-cost notifications of sport news or ticket sales
  • Special promotions and merchandise sales pushes
  • Fans acquisition rates uptrend
  • Quick setup and minimal integration
  • Interactions at fans convenience and speed
Common features
Event & Trip Diary
Users can use chat medium as a place to quickly jot down their experiences or share pictures
Chatbots are instant. They provides rates and enable betting in real time easily
Followers can receive latest news and updates about their idols
Team Profile
Fans dig every bit of history and content about the team their love
Live Score
Chatbot can notify remote audience of the current scores and match updates
Fans can follow fixtures and receive reminders before matches
Sport channel or teams can sell merchandise through chatbots
Engagement can be increased via fun challenges or quiz related to the content users has subscribed to

for Business

  • Stay closer to the fans
  • Improve the User Experience with personalization
  • Perfect for mobile engagement
  • Save your customer service cost with affordable way to reach to a large audience
  • 365*24*7 Availability
  • Fans can share news directly with friends and colleagues right within the messaging platforms

for Customers

  • Fans experience more personal connection with their favourite teams/celebrities
  • Fans can share news directly with friends and colleagues right within the messaging platforms
  • Chatbots promise a better, faster experience
  • Less time spent waiting for call center service or ineffective web chat support
  • Accessible via a conversation medium from a ubiquitous smartphone

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