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Social messaging apps are more popular than social networks now, can media companies adapt to this new landscape?

Sector Overview

The changing landscape of different platforms of content creation and consumption, as well as customer interaction and behaviors, gives rise to new opportunities in the media business. In today’s fast-changing and well-connected world, time is of the essence and it’s significant to stay up to date with all the happenings. Thanks to its immediate and distinctive nature, chatbots are able to fetch contents in real time to customers based on their preferences. This facilitates the spread of information flow to help people stay connected. So there is no better time to stay ahead and be a part of this new revolution in the future of news and media. 

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Why Chatbot?
  • Low app adoption with high uninstall rates of mobile app
  • Getting more widespread adoption
  • Personalize user's experience and reduce high noise of social media presence
  • Increase Retention rates
  • Web/email was over utilized with varying degrees of effectiveness
Common features
News & Event Updates
Chatbot is perfect as a news medium as it is available 24/7
Followers can receive latest news and updates about their idols
Digest Feed
Users can opt-in to receive scheduled digest feed for their subscribed topics
Sport channel or teams can sell merchandise through chatbots
Event & Trip Diary
Users can use chat medium as a place to quickly jot down their experiences or share pictures
Community Driven Content
The community can contribute to news media since everyone can easily provide text description and multimedia via chatbot
Exclusive Content
Subscribed users can receive exclusive contents via chatbot notifications
Frequently asked questions & answers

for Business

  • Exponential increase in user engagement
  • Improvement in retention rates
  • Positive user acquisition scores
  • Cloud based so no installs, tech infrastructure required
  • Higher CSAT scores
  • No longer having to maintain unreliable Push notification in-app

for Customers

  • Personalized newsfeed experience
  • 365*24*7 Availability
  • Dynamic and conversational user experience
  • Receive consistent News via message notification

For Enterprise or Custom Build Chatbot

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