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The recruitment process is never as simple as it sounds, it can take far too long. Chatbots can solve that problem.

Sector Overview

On average, the waiting time for a recruitment process is 23 days. Needless to say, this long process is daunting and creates a negative impressions on the candidates.

Research also has showed that 30-50% of HR time is for answering internal questions. This could be the reason why it takes longer for HR to get back to interviewees after interviews. 

Within the recruitment space, development of AI is expected to result in a more efficient experience for both the recruiters and candidates. By assisting in, for example, answering common questions that might be had by candidates, and even colleagues, chatbot will help reduce time significantly for everyone involved. 

AI might be the technology that finally kills the CV blackhole. Perhaps the most frustrating part of any candidate experience is the lack of feedback and information on the status of your application. This is almost always a human labour / prioritisation issue. 

Hung Lee, CEO,

It's rewarding and fun to create chatbots with BotStar. Our powerful visual editor enables everyone in your team to work together and have mutual understandings. 

Why Chatbot?
  • Reduce candidate response time by 60% and HR administrative costs
  • Chatbot can act like great career coach
  • Candidates will be able to ‘interview’ and ‘get the inside scoop’ on employers
  • Ease of use for customers with an interface on a smartphone they are already familiar with
  • Timely no-cost notifications of transaction status and account changes
  • Open positions and jobs notification pushes
  • User acquisition rates uptrend
  • Enhanced analytics on candidate data
  • Quick setup and minimal integration
  • Interactions at candidates' convenience and speed
Common features
Frequently asked questions & answers
Candidate Profile & Resume
Candidate can attach resume and setup profile conveniently
Conversational experience will result in more relevant answers from candidate, forming better understanding of their skills
Pre-scripted Interviews
This has become even more relevant with the rise of Siri and other voice-powered chatbots lately
Screening & Test
Chatbot can provide written test from multiple choices to open-answer questions to candidate
Candidates can find out more about an employer and vice versa and decide if the position & environment match their interests
Team Profile
Fans dig every bit of history and content about the team their love

for Business

  • Attract talents due to Chatbot's presence
  • Provide talents/candidates company profile and categorized information
  • No need to setup HR personnel and infrastructure
  • Out of the box / cloud hosted or on-premise technology solution
  • Minimal setup and easy integration
  • A rich set of analytics, utilization & trending reports
  • High Operational efficiency
  • 24/7 always on interview/screening

for Customers

  • Chatbots promise a better, faster experience
  • Candidates will be able to ‘interview’ and ‘get the inside scoop’ on employers
  • Less time spent waiting for HR screening and setting up call
  • Accessible via a conversation medium from a ubiquitous smartphone
  • Receive instant update from favorite employers/companies

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