Chatbots are capable of detecting symptoms, assisting in appointment booking, record tracking.

Sector Overview

Healthcare is unarguably one of the most crucial parts in everyone’s life. Due to its significance, the need to improve the quality and efficiency of this sector is always a topic of discussion. With its potential, chatbot is the next key to unlock the full capacity of healthcare sector while providing expeditious and valuable patient experiences. 

A chatbot could help collect data on the symptoms of patients, and based on analyzing their past medical history, could provide feedbacks on how patients should proceed. For instance, based on the conditions that chatbots detect, they could automatically help book an appointment with your doctor, in order to provide timely care and possible treatment. It can also be used as a tool to remind patients to take pills, or assist in the recovery process. And the journey to revolutionize this industry could start here with us.

It's rewarding and fun to create chatbots with BotStar. Our powerful visual editor enables everyone in your team to work together and have mutual understandings. 

Why Chatbot?
  • Low app adoption with high uninstall rates of mobile app
  • Getting more widespread adoption
  • Increase Retention rates
  • Web/email was over utilized with varying degrees of effectiveness
  • Receive instant feedbacks from patients/customers
Common features
Hotline switchboard
Screening and redirecting users to the right staff
Online payment through conversational interface
Frequently asked questions & answers
Customer Feedback
Collect user feedbacks instantly
Achievements & Track Records
Store and allow users to access their own track records or achievements
Daily tips and advices
Users can receive healthy tips and advices daily or weekly
Doctors listing & finding
Suggest the right doctors or health centers based on user's described symptoms & track records.
Providing insurances assistance
Medicine & Drugs
Reminders and information about prescribed or over-the-counter medicines
Symptoms Diagnosis
Advice users what to do given the symptoms
Test Result
Allow opt-in to receive lab test results directly via messaging
Customers can make booking and get confirmation via chat
Nutritions & Lifestyle
Tips and coaching for a healthy lifestyle including eating and daily activities

for Business

  • Pre-screening patients' info and symptoms
  • Exponential increase in user engagement 
  • Positive user acquisition scores
  • Cloud based so no installs, tech infrastructure required 
  • Smart Communication
  • Save your cost with affordable way to reach to a large audience

for Customers

  • 365*24*7 Available for diagnosis and treatment
  • Dynamic and conversational user experience
  • Access to medical records conveniently
  • Can describe symptoms and preferences in writing (typing)

For Enterprise or Custom Build Chatbot

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