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Sector Overview

In this age of diverse options, speed and personalization have been pivotal in the customer experience in anything, especially in shopping and e-commerce. Chatbot implementation will definitely be the magic bullet to hit all the tough demands faced with rising competition in e-commerce. From around-the-clock customer service, to product ordering, payment, shipping and tracking, to post sales support and returns, and what not, chatbots will have all the answers for your businesses. While providing stellar service to customers, chatbot will also help reduce the overall cost for businesses. 

Is your mobile app getting less downloads? Do customers frequently uninstall your app? Your answer is to create a Chatbot with BotStar.

It's rewarding and fun to create chatbots with BotStar. Our powerful visual editor enables everyone in your team to work together and have mutual understandings. 

Why Chatbot?
  • Reduce customer response time by 60% and operational support costs by 70%
  • Always on engagement with the customers, prevent Cart Abandonment
  • Ease of use for customers with an interface on a smartphone they are already familiar with
  • Timely no-cost notifications of transaction status and account changes
  • Special promotions and sales pushes
  • User acquisition rates uptrend
  • Enhanced analytics on customer acquired data
  • Quick setup and minimal integration
  • Interactions at customers convenience and speed
  • Improved CSAT score
Common features
Order fulfillment
Order fulfillment and tracking
Frequently asked questions & answers
Online payment through conversational interface
Transaction History
Retrieving old transactions related to customer
Customer Feedback
Collect user feedbacks instantly
Hotline switchboard
Screening and redirecting users to the right staff
Offers & Promotions Notification
Push offers and promotions to interested users
Natural Language processing
Bot can understand and string together users long sentence to give back search results or finish a complicated process
Shipping fee calculation and tracking
A/B Testing
Explore the best flow for your chatbot based on customers' usage

for Business

  • Prevent Cart Abandonment
  • Improve the User Experience with personalization
  • Perfect for mobile engagement
  • Save your customer service cost with affordable way to reach to a large audience
  • 365*24*7 Availability
  • Customers can share products and purchases to their friends through the social sharing features
  • Customers don't need to go to any other platform for help. It is altogether coordinated in a single place

for Customers

  • Customers can share products and purchases to their friends through the social sharing features
  • Chatbots promise a better, faster experience
  • Less time spent waiting for call center service or ineffective web chat support
  • Accessible via a conversation medium from a ubiquitous smartphone

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