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Our Locations

Our R&D teams are based in Melbourne, Australia and in Danang, Vietnam.

We also have Sales Representatives at Singapore, Japan.


PRO Plans users can contact our Technical Support directly via in-app chats any time.

Starter Plan users have 7 days since registration to contact our agents directly via in-app chats.

Other ways to contact us

Community Forum

We have a Facebook Group where members are encouraged to exchange ideas, to raise issues and help each other out.

social networking

Tweet to us at @BotStarApp on Twitter. We also have a Facebook page where we regularly announce as well.

in-app support chat

Our in-app chat helps connecting you directly with one of our developers. STARTER plan users have 7 days to get personal support from our team.


HQ & Administration

Danang, Vietnam

R&D & Customer Support

Melbourne, australia

R&D and Sales

London, UK

International Sales

the botstar community

Help us building up a strong community!

This forum is free-to-access for everyone and we aim to build a healthy community where members can help each other out whether it's about technical issues or idea sharing.

Feel free to start asking around there, our staffs are also active in the forum as well.
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