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Why BotStar for Chatbots?

Chatbot development is less about programming but more about mastering conversations and languages. BotStar eases out the development effort with our powerful visual editor and let you focus more on understanding your audience and improving your chatbots continuously.

Design Your Chatbot Visually

It feels so rewarding and fun to make chatbots using BotStar. Our powerful visual editor enables teamwork between developers and business, helps mapping business processes into chatbots!

What you see is what you get
Creating a chatbot is as easy as drawing a flow chart.
Live Testing & Debugger
Train and test your chatbot as if they went live.
Define and manage your dynamic data easily.
Audience segment & performance tracking

Monitoring & Tracking

A chatbot is a great first step to initiate relationships with your customers. BotStar provides tools for chatbot owners to nurture those relationships even further.

Audience Segments & Analytics
Understand segmentation & behaviors of your customers. 
Conversions and Checkpoints
Capture important conversion checkpoints and your customers' enquiries, bookings or orders.
business usecases

Are Chatbots ready for Businesses?

Chatbots are virtual agents that converse with your customers through messenger apps, SMS or websites. They help leveraging your business in marketing, sales and support.
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Reduce the pain for your customer support team

Reach Your Users Effortlessly

A chatbot is a great first step to initiate relationships with your customers. BotStar provides tools for chatbot owners to nurture those relationships even further.

Engage your audience proactively and keep them up-to-date with your agenda.
Live Chat
You can use complicated and predefined messages for quoting or pricing purpose instead of typing everything.
Human Take-over
Once a conversation becomes a lead or problem, operator can take over and continue the chat seemlessly.
one click, multiple platforms

Operate on Multi-Channels

Designs your chatbot once and have it published to many places at once.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook has 1.2 billion users a month. It's time to start exploring opportunities on Facebook Messenger for your business.
Website Widget
Chatbot can help converting your potential customers by answering FAQ or providing extra info for your products or services.
API & SDKs are coming!
We will be releasing our APIs and mobile SDKs shortly in the future for mobile integration soon
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  • Unlimited Messages

  • Unlimited Chat Users

  • 20 Tags

  • 20 CMS Items

  • 500 Subscribers

  • BotStar Brand persisted

  • Only Support via BotStar Community

Per Month
  • Unlimited Messages

    Inbound and outbound interactions between bot and audience.
  • Unlimited Chat Users

    Direct end-users who talk to your chatbot on website or messenger app.
  • Unlimited Tags

    Tag and add as many tags as you like for your audience.
  • Unlimited CMS Items

    PRO Plan gives you unlimited capacity for CMS.
  • Unlock Subscribers Cap

    Unlock the 500 subscribers cap and pay as your bot grow.
  • Unlock Custom Brand

    Remove "Powered By BotStar" and unlock web-widget customisation
  • VIP Support via Direct Chat

    Unlock direct chat with our staff for more private and instant support.

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